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Reporter - Jillian Hazlett
Hey y'all, it's your 2016-2017 Huntington FFA reporter, I am extremely blessed to represent this chapter! I know y'all are dying to hear a little bit about me so here we go! But first I want to thank God for this opportunity! 

I grew up in a very agricultural involved family. I always loved it, learning to drive a truck in the pastures, learning to drive a tractor, planting the garden or just being out in the country. My mom was very involved in FFA and showed steers all through high school. My pops was also in FFA very long ago! I've just never had a huge interest in it until my 9th grade year!

At a younger age I had a great love for softball and it was all I did for 8 years until I broke my ankle 2 different times and fractured it once. My softball soon came to an end. About 2 years after I got into competitive cheerleading I loved it also but just this last year it came to an end due to two different ankle surgeries. I worried so much what was I going to do, where was my place going to be in school. I can't be athletic anymore, I'm fairly smart, I can eat a lot and not gain weight but that's not a sport, haha! As my 9th grade schedule came around I took a chance at an ag class, I knew I'd do alright just for a credit. Little did I know it was going to change things so much. 

The first few weeks of my ag class was rocky, I wasn't real sure how I felt about it. I soon signed up to be an FFA member and I remember the first FFA meeting I went to changed my perspective on it so much. I soon started making more friends and began to form a good place in the organization, and my ag teachers became so dear to my heart so fast! I volunteered to take pictures at our local show! Now THAT week changed my life. I knew FFA was exactly where I belong! I studied and studied and took a chance at running for officer. Obviously you see how that turned out! 

I'm so excited about this year and I know you are too, how could you not be? I will make sure to represent this chapter with integrity, determination and grace. When you see the awesome pictures, ads and newspaper articles from Huntington FFA chapter they'll be from ya girl right here! God Bless!


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